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Topeak FlashStand: Unboxing a Portable Workstand

If you fancy a tool in your hand, alone time in the garage and thrive to improve some aspects about your bike, a workstand is crucial to your success. This week, I unbox and review the Topeak FlashStand, a portable workstand with a claimed weight of 500 grams, ideal for light tinkering on your bike, like setting up the gears, brakes and truing the wheel (I used the singular on "wheel" because you can only lift the rear of the bike, not the front wheel).

Without further ado, check the video below to see the FlashStand in action:

In short, an affordable stand that will allow you to work on your front and rear derailleurs, service the bottom bracket (if you know what you're doing), changing brake pads and centring the brake calliper and, if you use some creativity, even true your rear wheel (using cable ties on the seatstays [ask me about it in the comments and I'll explain]).

Read Topeak's official spiel below:

For 26 inch and 700c wheels - The Ultimate portable tune-up stand. Great for keeping in the car or for travel. You could even take it on a bike tour. It also comes with it's own storage bag!

CLAMP HEAD - Bottom Bracket support, arm holds down tube


MATERIAL - Aluminium / Plastic

MAX TYRE WIDTH - 57c / 2.25"


SIZE - 19x8x4.5 cm (Folded) 50x22.5cm (Open)

WEIGHT - 500 Grams

For now, I'll be using this work stand as my @ home bike tinkering stand.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

As always, happy riding!

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