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Mawson Trail - Day 2 - Birdwood to Riverton

Woke up early in the middle of the forest and got going fast on the bike, I had some ground to cover and did not want to fall behind on the objective so early into the Mawson Trail. Leaving Mount Crawford Forest Reserve, a mob of 5 curious Emus kept me company for a couple kms, whilst the odd Kangaroo made an appearance here in there. Day 2 was a though one with 120km covered always with a 20kmph head wind and high temperatures all day. The last 10 kms to Riverton were an absolute blast, with the sun setting right in front of me and a very fast gravel road. After a huge meal, I set off to find a nice place to pitch my tent and rest my legs after another brutal day on the Mawson. After checking the local church and kids parks, I noticed a small road sign saying “Jungles Garden”. Checked it out and it looked absolutely perfect, far from other people, houses, roads or anything else that could wake me up in the middle of the night and force me to move elsewhere. Found a semi-hidden spot under a big tree and called it home for the night.

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