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Mawson Trail - Day 3 - Riverton to Burra

Got up super early to avoid getting in trouble about last night’s trespassing into a local garden and decided to have a hearty breakfast before setting off. Whilst munching down on some warm food to combat the morning chill, I bumped into Youtube’s Durian Rider (Harley Quinn). We had a chat for almost 1 hour where we talked shop, bikes, trails and I got some recommendations of roads and routes to do in Adelaide once the Mawson was done. Breakfast done and dusted, I had planned day 3 to be almost a rest day, assuming day 1 and day 2 would’ve be brutal. This gave me a chance to catch up with the objective and make it all the way to Burra. Even though I only cover 90kms, the constant brutal headwinds were a true determination test to my willingness of completing the Mawson Trail. Along the day, the idea of stopping on the side of the road and camp there for the night was an extremely attractive idea. In the end, stubbornly keeping the pedals moving, I made it to Burra where I stayed at the campsite with showers and electricity to charge my devices.

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