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Mawson Trail - Day 4 - Burra to Spalding

Possibly the warmest day in the Mawson Trail and with little resupplying options along the way. A fast flat road took me to Hallet for what I thought would be a good and nutritious breakfast/brunch. Arriving to Hallet, I was greeted by an absolute ghost town. After a few minutes riding up and down the few roads of Hallet, I spotted a Police station where I was able to get some water and confirm no food would be available in this town. About 40kms separated me from Spalding, a more vibrant city according to the Policeman in Hallet. Venturing into farm lands and getting a taste of the Outback dryness, I slowly made it up and down the many hills in between these 2 towns. With all te heat and steep uphills, stopping was not really an option, as a swarm of flies would just land on my skin trying to suck any moisture in this extremely arid part of the world. Riding into Spalding, I was expecting a town with supermarkets, shops, restaurants and, well, people living there. Apart from the smallest deli shop I’ve seen in a while, this town was not much different from Hallet. After some well deserved food and water, I decided to keep pushing on and cover some more ground before sunset. I ended up the day wild camping in the Bundaleer Forest Reserve after 10 or 15kms looking for a good spot to pitch my tent. The Bundaleer Forest was home to Kangaroos, Emus, Possums and Foxes. Suffice to say they were not quiet at night…

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