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Mawson Trail - Day 5 - Spalding to Melrose

Waking up to the sound of rain drops on your tent is both amazing and annoying. In one hand, the soft sound of the rain drops hitting the tent gives you that slow awakening call, soon to realise that now all your gear is wet and will make it slower to pack up and leave.

Back on the bike and deep into the forest, it took me a few kms to get my groove back, body warm and legs working.

Following the GPS route led me to my first experience with the infamous outback red clay. After 20metres trying to power through it, wheels now covered in clay stopped spinning completely. Jumped off the bike and scrapped the clay out of the tyres still insisting in powering through the clay. Second attempt ended as quickly as the first, leaving me to consult the GPS route and look for alternatives. Ended up joining the main road and pushing on, despite of the heavy rain, to Melrose, the objective of the day. With all my wet gear and strong rain forecasted for the night and next day, I booked a room on Airbnb for the night, ideal to dry all my gear and run checks on bike and others.

Rain is forecasted for tomorrow so I need to check the route and be flexible with what I can and can’t do.

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