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South Korea Cross Country: Day 1 (29km)

Today Katie and I start the 4 Rivers Track in South Korea, a 600+km bike lane that connects Seoul, in the northern part of South Korea, to Busan, at the very south of South Korea. This ride follows Korea’s most important rivers and we cycle on bike lanes from start to finish, avoiding any type of roads with cars.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best of starts... with our bellies not completely happy with the Korean cuisine, we had to keep today short and cut our losses.

Fresh out of Australia’s winter, we got avg temperature of 33 today with a max of 41, making every shade along the way a desirable stopping place to cool down and regroup thoughts.

After 20km, we decided to look for a place to rest for the night and get our bellies under control.

Tomorrow, we’re aiming for 50-70km for the day, leaving Seoul and entering South Korea’s less busy and more lush areas.

PS: Katie absolutely killed it today, click on her activity and give her some kudos! She’ll appreciate that heaps!


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