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South Korea Cross Country: Day 7 (105km)

We cracked 100km today. For some this isn’t much of a feat but considering we’re 7 days into this South Korean Cross Country ride and a mere 2 months ago Katie would be absolutely puffed if we rode over 20km, then today marks an impressive milestone. We initially planned for 70km or even less, after the last 2 hilly days, all we could think about was active recovery and not overdoing things.

Luckily, the weather was on our side today, with a cool 22 degrees average cloud covered day, we just felt great and kept on pushing. Around the 75km mark, Katie says “hey, you know what? We’re gonna crack 100 today!”. And so we did! Tremendous effort on her part!

The scenery today was rather boring to be honest, very flat, not much vegetation and not much to look at. What’s fuelling us now is the fact we’re less than 180km from Busan and going from strength to strength, riding faster and further everyday.

We spend most of the day chasing an ominous dark cloud and rode on countless cliff bridges made for bikes only.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get closer to Busan and monitor the weather as to avoid rain and have a wonderful ride to the finish line, after 630km cycled from Seoul.

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