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South Korea Cross Country: Day 8 (78km)

Ohhh what a day, easily the toughest so far... after the 100km yesterday, we decided to have a late start and enjoy the comforts of the hotel we stayed in last night. Around 11am we set off on a flat bike lane right by the river. Legs were feeling the efforts from the day before but the cool weather and gentle wind kept our spirits high.

This was short lived when the first hill showed up. About 1km at over 15% gradient was enough to bring us down to our knees. This set the tone for the day, with long sections of very flat roads, followed by super steep and narrow roads, all towering over 13%, some virtually unridable with a loaded bike and 500km on the legs.

We kept on pushing to the nearest town and are now a short 100km away from the finish.

With our legs completely battered we will try our best to get to Busan tomorrow but are open to cut the day short tomorrow and leave the last little bit for Monday morning.

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