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South Korea Cross Country: Day 9 (100km)

Day 9 and we’ve reached Busan, our final destination on our South Korea Cross Country Tour. Today we smashed another 100km ride, Katie’s second century in a week, not many can boast such an impressive stat in their cycling “career”.

In total we cycled 645km, climbed over 3000 metres and rode for a solid 42 and half hours, a brilliant effort for any cyclist, yet alone a complete newbie like Katie was at the start of this cycling trip.

The ride today was fuelled by the approaching finish line, a mere 100km away from where we left things off today.

We were both secretly wishing for a flat ride today, speed things up and get some rest from the super steep pinches from the day before.

The first 60km we rode next to the river at a normal pace, riding over many cliff bridges and facing some headwind. The last 30km we ramp things up, aided by a fairly strong tailwind, as we cruised at over 25kmph through the main city area to reach the final stamp booth in Busan.

We now have a few days to relax in Busan before flying back to Australia.

Thanks for keeping us company :)

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