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South Korea Cross Country: Day 3 (66km)

Day 3 and we’ve covered some more ground. With a cyclone chasing us, we got moving early in the day hoping to smash a cool 60km before the torrential rain and gale wind forecasted.

We started on flat bike lanes with an optimal 20 degrees in temperature; we were flying to the first stamp booth, 24km into the day.

Another showcase of South Korea’s impressive investment in the cycling infrastructures, as we cycled through another 10 bike lane specific tunnels, where we entertained ourselves versing # of tunnels versus # of cyclists out on a Monday morning. At one point, tunnels were winning, 10 to 8.

As we continued following the river, we had, for the first time in over 100km to jump on a normal road with cars (only saw 2 though). We tackled the first proper hill of this trip, climbing 100meters at 10% gradient, a nice test for the mountains coming in 2 days.

After 60km, we started looking for accommodation before the cyclone hits. It’s now time to rest up and watch the cyclone from the window.

For tomorrow, we have 50 or 60km to do, leaving us right by the mountains for day 5.

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