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Mawson Trail - Day 6 - Melrose to Quorn

With all the rain I had the day before, I thought today I was gonna have to stick to road riding but after a few hours of warm sun and no clouds in sight, I decided to venture out of the paved road onto the Mawson Trail, following the GPS route. Most of the trails were rideable with some red clay sessions that I did my best to avoid, walk or ride on the side of it. Along the way, middle of nowhere, I met Kevin, a young French fella also doing the Mawson Trail, only by foot. We rode/walk side by side for about 30min, exchanging stories, ambitions and plans for the Mawson Trail and future adventures. Kevin did the Mawson Trail and continued on to Alice Springs and Uluru, walking a bit and hitchhiking on extremely dry areas. He has a Facebook page where he shares beautiful photos of Australia’s Outback and others. Check it here: LINK

Today’s ride was quite relaxed and enjoyable, with perfect temperature, no rain and for the first time since I left Adelaide, no wind. Got to Quorn with plenty of time to spare, pitched my tent and had a decent meal at the local pub. Tomorrow I ride to Hawker, over 100km mostly in remote areas with not a lot of services around.

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