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South Korea Cross Country: Day 2 (64km)

Second day of South Korea’s 4 Rivers ride and we are finally through Seoul, big cities, big crowds and bad bellies.

After a long night sleep and a decent meal, we were almost at full force today, ready to put in a decent ride and get out of Seoul, into, literally, greener pastures. We smashed the first 30km with a small hiccup when the stamp booth decided to be located in a different place from what the map said. We had to ride up and down the cycle path looking for it, this was extra challenging due to the running marathon happening on the same route with thousands of people running right in the middle of the bike lane. We took an hour or so for lunch where we sat under a tree for shade, when the temperature again neared 34 degrees.

The afternoon ride was a lot quieter with less cyclists out and hardly any pedestrians on the bike lanes. As we’re cycling further and further away for Seoul, big vegetation covered mountains now dominate our surroundings. A much nicer scenery albeit some extra hills.

Towards the end of the ride, we cycled through a mountain, via a cycling specific tunnel (goes to show just how much South Korea has invested in the cycling infrastructure)

We picked a Japanese inspired pension for the night and aim for an early start tomorrow as to avoid the cyclone heading to us by midday tomorrow.

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